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FIGHT CLOUD - Game Walkthrough

Hey! Please note that this walkthrough is much larger and more complicated than our game will end up being. Even if we only make 20% it will be a rad game.

Things can change! This simply provides a map for now. We can change things if we discover ways to develop the game more easily or make it more fun.

Act 1 Bubble Birth

1) Begin surrounded by cartoon clouds. Morning flute music plays. If the player looks down they can see their feet are floating cartoon boots (they have no legs in game only feet). Their hands could be puffs of clouds just to put something there.


2) Letters of title lurch out randomly out of order with puffs in their wake. Bonks, yowls, old movie men yelling, etc sound at the emergence of each letter. When the title is fully formed little Latina children with strong accents (mostly girls) scream "FIGHT CLOUD" and each phoneme flexes big when it's sounded..


3) Letters fall down through cloud randomly (this will help player look in the direction they are about to move). After the last letter falls through cloud, the player begins plummeting through clouds. When they exit the clouds the player sees a green wonky cartoon suburb. Giant cartoon sun is sleeping on someone's roof. Looking straight down the player sees this.

4) Player splats into Big Bubble Boss. Player is in air pocket surrounded by billowy taffy.


5) The player may not have noticed but when instant they splatted into the Pink Bubble Boss their right controller turned into a polka-dot flip-flop with sparkly gold band and the player's left controller turned into the letter "I" from the title scene.


6) If either controller touches or penetrates any part of the interior surface the surface sinks behind and billows around the controller. If a controller touching a wall moves laterally against wall, the billows will move out of way around it.

7) The player's feet works the same way as the hand controllers.

8) If a controller touches any part of the interior surface and then the player moves the controller away from the surface, a stretchy bit of taffy connects the controller to the point at which they touched the wall.


9) If moved >2 feet away from the site of touch the taffy connection snaps!


10) If a connection snaps the area around the site of touch is cleared away and there's a window through to the outside world.


11) If 12 areas are cleared by touching and stretching too far, the Big Bubble Boss gleefully pops with bubble wads spraying in all directions.

End of Act 1

Act 2 Fight Cloud Rampage

1) As pink bubble pieces spray in all directions the player turns into a raging fight cloud. The player is running forward (on a rail system). A pink-tinted cartoon fight cloud rapidly expands from nothing centered at the player's thighs. It grows until the top of the fight cloud is roughly as high as the player's sternum (estimated based on headset height). What the player sees when they look down:


2) The flip-flop and letter "I" get knocked out of player's hands by a star and a boot flying out of the fight cloud. Every second the star shoots a star with a long tail.

3) Every few seconds a different object flies out of cloud and knocks current object out of player's hand. For example, the right hand becomes toothpaste continuously spewing toothpaste out in an endless stream. 40-50 different objects may fly out from player's fight cloud, each with their own properties: handy projectile weapons like GIANT cartoon revolvers, a whip, dead fish, rainbow, decapitated shark head that keeps snapping its jaws, a mirror that easily breaks, etc.

4) Fight clouds continually roll up on player to fight or mess with him. Or they roll parallel to and move alongside, to right or left of player. Or they simply whiz by player and roll away.

All sorts of enemy or NPC fight clouds exist. For example, there is a fight cloud with 3 alley cats, a food bowl, 2 farts, and a severed human hand all inside. These things periodically fly out and then back into the alley cat fight cloud. The player has to bonk each of these things as they periodically fly out to eventually dissipate alley cat fight cloud.


If anything solid hits the player's head (camera) then a burst of objets from inside the player's fight cloud fly out from the cloud (its scale is equivalent to health). Afoghorn and southern belle shrieking SFX plays. Stars appear circling around player with birds chirping for 5 seconds. If the player's head is hit again the scene brightens tinted yellow-purple and the game audio lowers pitch for 2 seconds and the player's fight cloud shrinks to half its size, spraying a dozen things in all directions. If the player's head is hit again the camera falls to the center of the player's fight cloud and it dissipates into pieces and cloud wafts. Then the scene fades out and the player restarts at the beginning of Act 2.



5) If an enemy (like one of the cats) jumps into the player's fight cloud, the player's fight cloud grows a bit. The cat will pop its head out every 3 seconds and yowl at the player (at camera). The player must bonk that cat's head or paw when it pops out of the player's cloud body to kill it. If the player does not kill the cat within 10 seconds it will begin periodically knocking whatever is in the player's hands out of his hands. After 20 seconds it will begin knocking 10-15 objects out all at once in massive hissing, yowling hits, each time dramatically shrinking the player. If the player's cloud shrinks too much the camera falls to the center of the player's fight cloud and it dissipates into pieces and cloud wafts. Then the scene fades out and the player restarts at the beginning of Act 2.

6) There are also bullies rearing for a fight that need some sort of bonking. If the player can lure bullies or enemies close enough, they may fall into the player's fight cloud or the player may even be able to knock bullies into the player's body depending on what is in their hand and how they wield it. This grows the player's fight cloud, replenishing health.

7) Bullies often have circular blur feet and zip around player taunting close and then zooming back to dodge player's attacks.

8) As the player moves through world they can absorb various elements of the world that then pop out and can become their hands. For example, if they absorb a rainbow it can pop up. The rainbow size is dependent on how high the player's hand is raised. If the hand is raised above the head then the rainbow rises up and arches far. If the hand is low down by hips then the rainbow is small. The rainbow direction always extends in the direction opposite to where center of cloud is in relation to hand (always directly away from cloud). If rainbow touches an enemy it may become happy and not attack the player. If rainbow touches an object it may turn colorful, happy, singing or humming.


9) Some objects that become player's, such as a kitten, hand may actually need the player to keep them safe and not work as a weapon. If the player pulls the kitten inside his fight cloud, it will keep flying back out and into danger so can not effectively be kept safe this way. So if the player has to keep the kitten out of his own fight cloud as well as out of harms way like dog jaws they will have to dodge the dogs with their hand, moving the kitten around in space.

Bullies may be attracted or repelled to what's in the player's hand. For example, dogs may be attracted to the kitten hand. If the object in the player's other hand is a weapon, the player can lure the dog toward them. When dog jumps at player if they move kitten out of way the dog will jump into player's cloud and make it bigger. Or if the player wants to kill dog, they could lure the dog close and then bonk them with whatever is in their opposite hand.


10) Lots of things in world are not going to hurt player but the player can have devastating effects on these things. Just being nearby, the player's stars, boots, etc will fly out and potentially hit these things by accident. Or player could bonk em on purpose and see what happens. Entire buildings could fall. Chain reactions. Mayhem. They're Only Kindergärtners! Are you a good or bad fight cloud?


11) Act 2 Fight Cloud Rampage ends with another Big Boss Battle

End of Act 2

Act 3 Slime Dog Cloud

Act 3 is like Act 1 but the boss's slime has different qualities, is more drippy, and the window holes the player makes slowly fill in, making it more difficult to complete unless the player moves fast. Cartoon slime dogs emerge from wall, run up, bite, and yank on each foot. Player could whip either foot around to fling dog around inside boss and knock down other incoming enemies with feet. Muffled sounds of giant monster slurping, gobbling, and licking up candy can be heard outside the taffy mass. Cartoon bangs, whistles are occasionally heard as well.

Act 4 Fight Cloud Flying Down Through Heavens to Hell

Act 4 is like Act 2 but the player is a fight cloud that is flying down though clouds while enemies, friends, flying houses, etc. appear anywhere around them.

Act 5 Orange Clown Cloud

Act 5 takes place inside another boss. As the player is clearing the boss enemies emerge from the surface to hound the player from every direction. Little orange haired enemies emerge from wall to shoot at player's feet like Yosemite Sam while yowling "Dance varmint!" If either of player’s feet are stationary too long they get shot and little graves form (that the player is then wearing) taking the place of shoes. Having dead feet doesn’t really stop the game.

Credit Scene

Anime epic soundtrack ending of woman singing in Japanese and player flying through clouds as various characters jump out at player simply to pose. Every other element flying out of clouds towards the player is a 3D text object of one of the developer's names. Once all the names are finished the soundtrack crescendos and the sun pierces through a hole in the clouds fading the screen to white.

The End.